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2015-25 capital budget Instructions

Table of Contents

2015-25 Capital Plan Instructions - Complete document

About the Instructions

Chapter 1: Capital Budget Request Basics

1.1 Strategic Framework for Budget Decisions
1.2 Capital Budgets are Ten-Year Plans
1.3 How is the Capital Budget Request Organized?
1.4 What are the Submittal Requirements?
1.5 Other General Preparation Requirements
1.6 OFM Capital Budget Staff Contacts
1.7 Other Contacts

Chapter 2: The Capital Project Request

2.1 What is a Capital Project?
2.2 Classifications of Capital Projects
2.3 Narrative Justification Required for Each Project
2.4 Capital Project Request Report Required for Each Project
2.5 Preservation and Program Projects
2.6 Major Capital Preservation or Program Projects
2.7 Minor Works Projects
2.8 Land Acquisitions
2.9 Reappropriations Allowed for Some Projects

Chapter 3: Deferred Maintenance Backlog Reduction Plans

3.1 Maintenance Backlog Reduction Plans
3.2 Facility Assessments

Chapter 4: Financing Guidelines

4.1 Methods of Finance
4.2 Allowable Uses of Long-term Financing
4.3 Allowable Uses of Bond and COP Proceeds
4.4 Certificates of Participation

Chapter 5: Agency Administrative and Staffing Costs

5.1 Cost Standards
5.2 Project Administrative and Project Management Staff Costs
5.3 Capital FTE Summary

Chapter 6: Other Budget Considerations and Requirements

6.1 Other Considerations
6.2 Puget Sound Recovery


A-1 Agency Budget Submittal Dates

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