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Environmental justice assessment notices

Beginning July 1, 2023, the Healthy Environment for All Act (HEAL Act) requires specific state agencies to conduct an environmental justice assessment for significant agency actions. Significant agency actions includes:

  • The development and adoption of significant legislative rules as defined in RCW 34.05.328.
  • The development and adoption of any new grant or loan program that the agency is explicitly authorized or required by statute to implement.
  • A capital project, grant, or loan award costing at least $12,000,000.
  • A transportation project, grant, or loan costing at least $15,000,000.
  •  The submission of agency request legislation to the Office of the Governor or the OFM for approval.

Under RCW 70A.02.090 each covered agency must file a notice with us of significant agency actions for which the agency is initiating an environmental justice assessment. We are required to prepare a list of all filings received from covered agencies each week to post here.

Agencies covered by the HEAL Act or who have opted in to the HEAL Act requirements include the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Ecology, Health, Natural Resources, Transportation, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Puget Sound Partnership.

Below is list of state agency environmental justice assessments that you can filter by agency or type of action, or use the search bar to find certains terms. Additional information can be found at the website for the agency initiating the action.

Datesort ascending Agency Action Type
02/01/2024 Health, Department of Potential Legislative Changes- Chapter 70.90 RCW Agency-request legislation
01/30/2024 Commerce, Department of State Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates Program New grant or loan program
01/22/2024 Commerce, Department of 23-25 Combined Renewable Energy Programming New grant or loan program
01/18/2024 Ecology, Department of Chapters 173-400 and 173-401 WAC, General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources Significant legislative rules
01/08/2024 Commerce, Department of State Home Energy Assistance Program New grant or loan program
01/08/2024 Agriculture, Department of Aligning electric vehicle supply equipment rules with federal technical requirements Significant legislative rules
01/01/2024 Agriculture, Department of Japanese Beetle Quarantine Expansion Significant legislative rules
01/01/2024 Puget Sound Partnership 2026-2030 Action Agenda for Puget Sound Other
12/29/2023 Commerce, Department of Updates to Growth Management Administrative Rules for Climate Change Planning Significant legislative rules
12/26/2023 Commerce, Department of Grant funding to protect and improve water quality and salmon recovery through smart growth planning New grant or loan program
12/18/2023 Ecology, Department of Clean Fuels Program Rulemaking (Amendments to 173-424 WAC) Significant legislative rules
12/08/2023 Ecology, Department of Safer Products for Washington Cycle 1.5 Rulemaking Significant legislative rules
12/05/2023 Commerce, Department of Changing the incentive structure for tier 1 buildings Agency-request legislation
12/04/2023 Agriculture, Department of Aligning general pesticide rules with federal certification and training standards Significant legislative rules
11/22/2023 Ecology, Department of Rulemaking to amend chapter 173-305 WAC Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation Significant legislative rules
11/20/2023 Natural Resources, Department of Tribal Interlocal Agreements Agency-request legislation
11/16/2023 Health, Department of Private Detention Facilities Rule Making Significant legislative rules
11/09/2023 Puget Sound Partnership Science Work Plan for 2025-2029 Other
11/01/2023 Ecology, Department of Rulemaking announcement: Amending Emergency Drought Relief, 173-166 WAC Significant legislative rules
10/23/2023 Commerce, Department of Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (Phase 1 – Design) New grant or loan program
10/19/2023 Ecology, Department of Carbon market linkage changes Agency-request legislation
10/02/2023 Transportation, Department of SR 525 Mukilteo Bridge over Railroad – Bridge Replacement Transportation project, grant, or loan of at least $15 million
09/26/2023 Commerce, Department of Grants to Community-Based Organizations to Support Participation in Local Planning New grant or loan program
09/26/2023 Commerce, Department of WA Electric Vehicle Charging Program New grant or loan program
09/19/2023 Commerce, Department of Clarifying, updating and modifying office of homeless youth prevention and protection statutes Agency-request legislation
09/19/2023 Commerce, Department of Transit Oriented Development of Affordable Housing - Match Program New grant or loan program
09/15/2023 Commerce, Department of Grant: Coordinating Low-Income Housing Planning New grant or loan program
09/14/2023 Ecology, Department of Water Security Drought Grant Initiative New grant or loan program
09/13/2023 Commerce, Department of Repealing the greenhouse gas content calculation requirement in RCW 19.405.070 Agency-request legislation
09/12/2023 Ecology, Department of Cap-and-Invest Offsets Rulemaking (Chapter 173-446 WAC) Significant legislative rules
09/01/2023 Commerce, Department of Solar Consumer Protections Agency-request legislation
09/01/2023 Commerce, Department of Promoting equitable economic and technological advancement through the Clean Energy Fund Agency-request legislation
08/31/2023 Commerce, Department of Buy Clean and Buy Fair Agency-request legislation
08/31/2023 Ecology, Department of Dredge-and-fill permit program Agency-request legislation
08/25/2023 Commerce, Department of Grants to Community Based Organizations to Support Participation in Local Planning New grant or loan program
08/01/2023 Health, Department of Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program Rulemaking Significant legislative rules
08/01/2023 Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Pest and Disease Revolving Funds Agency-request legislation
08/01/2023 Agriculture, Department of Private Cannabis Lab Accreditation Transition from Ecology to WSDA Agency-request legislation
07/27/2023 Transportation, Department of I-90 Judkins Park Station – Reconnecting Communities Transportation project, grant, or loan of at least $15 million
07/18/2023 Puget Sound Partnership PSAR Large Capital Grant Round Request for Proposals Capital project, grant, or loan award of at least $12 million
05/01/2023 Commerce, Department of Updating Housing WACs Significant legislative rules
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