Office of Attorney General

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 1,247.9 32,036 328,777 360,813
Total Maintenance Changes 0.0 0 0 0
2019-21 Maintenance Level 1,247.9 32,036 321,857 353,893

2019-21 Policy Other Changes

Cancel General Wage Increase 0.0 (66) (344) (410)
AGO Furlough Reductions 0.0 (321) (2,169) (2,490)
2019-21 Policy Other Changes Total 0.0 (387) (2,513) (2,900)

2019-21 Policy Comp Changes

Manufactured Housing Authority 0 95 95
Foreclosure Compliance Program 80 0 80
2019-21 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 80 95 175
Total Policy Changes 0.0 (307) (2,418) (2,725)
2019-21 Policy Level 1,247.9 31,729 319,439 351,168

Policy Changes

Adjust to available revenues

Cancel General Wage Increase

This reduction in expenditures reflects the savings associated with the cancellation of a 3 percent general wage increase as encouraged by Governor's Directive 20-08. (General Fund - State, Medicaid Fraud Penalty Account - State, Anti-Trust Revolving Account - Non-Appropriated, other funds)

AGO Furlough Reductions

This reduction in expenditures reflects the savings associated with employee furloughs as encouraged by Governor's Directive 20-08. (Foreclosure Fairness Account - Non-Appropriated, Local Government Archives Account - State, New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Acct - State, other funds)

Manufactured Housing Authority

The current expenditure authority for the Manufactured/Mobile Home Dispute Resolution Program is insufficient to provide the resources necessary to fulfill the agency's statutory mandate. Additional spending authority is provided to retain existing staff to fully engage parties in negotiating complaints, provide proactive outreach to landlords and tenants, and more quickly identify and refer complaints for legal determination. (Man/Mobile Home Dispute Resolution - Non-Appropriated)

Foreclosure Compliance Program

The Attorney General’s Office has a statutory obligation to enforce the Foreclosure Fairness Act, and does so through the Foreclosure Compliance Program. This program resolves consumer complaints from borrowers, housing counselors, and others who contend that a bank or servicer has violated provisions of the act, and in turn, may file litigation to enforce the act. Given the economic downturn, the agency projects increased foreclosures and requires additional resources to fully enforce its obligations under the law. (Foreclosure Fairness Account - Non-Appropriated, General Fund - State)