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Employment Security Department

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 1,864.2 6,345 803,720 810,065
Total Maintenance Changes 0.0 0 0 0
2019-21 Maintenance Level 1,935.6 6,345 860,906 867,251

2019-21 Policy Other Changes

ESD/DSHS Program Expansion Study 0.20 0 35 35
Address UI Backlog/User Experience 33.4 0 6,826 6,826
2019-21 Policy Other Changes Total 33.6 0 6,861 6,861

2019-21 Policy Comp Changes

General Wage Increase Savings 0 (539) (539)
2019-21 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 0 (539) (539)
Total Policy Changes 33.6 0 6,322 6,322
2019-21 Policy Level 1,969.2 6,345 867,228 873,573

Policy Changes

Federal Funding Adjustment

Funding is provided to adjust expenditure authority to reflect current estimates of federal revenue.

ESD/DSHS Program Expansion Study

Funding is provided for the Employment Security Department to conduct a study that assesses the feasibility of creating an unemployment insurance program for undocumented Washingtonians, including the cost, operational impacts, and recommendations. (Employment Services Administrative - State, Administrative Contingency Account - State)

Address UI Backlog/User Experience

The Employment Security Department has experienced a rapid increase in the number of unemployment insurance (UI) claims filed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist ESD in processing and verifying UI claims, funding is provided to hire additional staff including, but not limited to, 32.5 adjudicators and 17.3 dual language agents, and to contract with a provider to verify claimant identification. In addition, funding is provided for ESD to improve usability of the UI program through technology and translation enhancements to reduce claimant errors. (Unemployment Compensation Admin - Federal)

General Wage Increase Savings

Agency savings were achieved by implementing the governor's directive to withhold the general wage increase scheduled for July 1, 2020. (Administrative Contingency Account - State, General Fund - Private/Local, General Fund - Local, other funds)