Caseload Forecast Council - Current Law

RCW 43.88C

The Caseload Forecast Council develops caseload forecasts of state entitlement programs through an inclusive and transparent process. The council consists of two members appointed by the Governor and four individuals, one of whom is appointed by the chairperson of each of the two largest political caucuses in the Senate and House of Representatives. Forecasts developed by the council form the basis of the Governor's budget proposal. The Legislature uses the forecasts in the development of the omnibus biennial appropriations act. The Caseload Forecast Council develops and maintains an adult and juvenile sentencing information system; updates and publishes statistical summaries of adult felony sentencing and juvenile dispositions; and updates and publishes an adult felony sentencing manual and a juvenile sentencing manual.

Agency Mission

To provide state government with accurate, unbiased, and widely understood caseload forecasts; to analyze key forecast drivers; to identify the potential risks to the forecasts; and to provide accurate statewide adult and juvenile sentencing data and up-to-date adult and juvenile sentencing manuals.
Request 5,504,000
Net change from current biennium 969,000 Increase
Percent change from current biennium 21.4% Increase

Operating Budget: Summary

Appropriated Funds

2021-23 Appropriations Appropriated Funds Expenditures
Amount Estimated Balance   2019-21 Actual 2021-23 Estimated 2023-25 Proposed
4,204,000 General Fund - State 3,749,251 4,204,000 5,144,000
331,000 Workforce Education Investment Acc - State 303,205 331,000 360,000
Pension Funding Stabilization Acct - State 168,000
4,535,000 Total Appropriated Funds 4,220,456 4,535,000 5,504,000

Non-Appropriated Funds

Operating Budget: Program Summary

Program Title Actual Estimated Proposed
Actual Estimated Estimated Proposed Proposed
Annual Total 2,105,191 2,092,858 755,134 2,743,000 2,761,000

Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

Actual Estimated Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
971,254 29.9% (1,372,463) (32.5%) 2,656,008 93.3%

Employment Summary

  Actual Estimated Proposed
  2020-21 Actual 2021-22 Estimated 2022-23 Estimated 2023-24 Proposed 2024-25 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 10.7 11.1 12.0 17.0 17.0