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OFM Service News - GovDelivery Subscription Review

December 16, 2021
OFM ITS Service News

Visit the OFM Service Portal at to submit a ticket to the OFM Help Desk.

With the New Year fast approaching, now is a great time for you to review your GovDelivery subscription.

GovDelivery is our primary method for communicating incidents, maintenance, and news for:

  • Statewide HR Applications
  • Accounting Applications
  • Budget, Legislative, and Executive Applications

From the OFM Subscription Page, enter your work email address, then sign up for topics you want to receive or unsubscribe from topics you no longer wish to receive.

In addition to GovDelivery, the OFM Service Portal is also available to learn about active incidents and upcoming maintenance that might impact you.

We encourage you to share this information with your co-workers who might not be aware how to sign up to receive OFM communications.

Thank you for reviewing your subscription to ensure we are reaching the right audience and to prevent sending unnecessary communications.


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