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OFM Service News - Statewide HR Data Communication Enhancements

January 28, 2021
OFM ITS Service News

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Statewide HR Data Communication Enhancements

To ensure transparent and consistent communication with the Statewide HR database community, OFM is establishing a new GovDelivery distribution list and a Statewide HR Data webpage to stay connected and provide timely information. These communication tools will support the community as employee turnover occurs and provide centralized, consistent ease of access to information. Additionally, as general government transitions to the new ERP under the One Washington project, we want to ensure the SWHR user community receives timely communication on any impacts.

New GovDelivery Distribution List

OFM has automatically added the work email address of users who have a SWHR SFT account or CIMAI access, as well as those currently on our internal SWHR contact list, to the new SWHR GovDelivery distribution list.  GovDelivery communications will include system and procedure updates, incidents and general communications. The communications are also posted on the new Statewide HR Data web page.

Each institution is responsible for ensuring an internal procedure to continue adding users to the SWHR GovDelivery list as appropriate. Individuals are responsible for unsubscribing from the GovDelivery list as duties change. The link to subscribe, or unsubscribe, from the GovDelivery distribution group is posted on the new Statewide HR Data webpage.

Please do not unsubscribe from the GovDelivery notifications if you have a SWHR SFT account or CIMAI access or are listed as a SWHR contact with OFM. Receiving the SWHR notification and update messages is now a requirement for access and is the primary method of communication.

New Statewide HR Data Webpage

The new Statewide HR Data webpage is a central location to share resources and information. Refer to the Statewide HR Data page (/it-systems/reporting-systems/statewide-hr-data-swhr) for:

  • forms
  • GovDelivery communications links
  • GovDelivery communication signup links
  • yearly data load calendar



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