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Language spoken at home

Persons Living in Households Where Language Other Than English Is Spoken

Age 5 and Over

Families in poverty by household type

Family Type With
Married Couple 4.4% 2.2%
Male Householder, No Wife Present 10.8% 4.5%
Female Householder, No Husband Present 29.2% 9.1%

Families by household type

Percent of Families by Household Type


Social-economic conditions

State economic, demographic, and social trends are related to one another and, in turn, affect government policies on spending and taxation. A strong economy, for example, attracts more people to the state, which in turn boosts state tax collections. At the same time, however, increases in population also put additional pressure on such areas of state responsibility as public schools, prisons, and social services. Social developments, such as crime rates and the incidence of teenage pregnancies, also contribute to demands on public resources.