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Fund 004

Fund Reference Manual

004-Cemetery Account

Inactive Account 07/26/2009
Account Code:
Account Title:
Cemetery Account
Admin Agency:
Department of Licensing - 2400
Fund Type:
BA - Special Revenue Funds
Rollup Fund:
BD - Central Admin and Regulatory Fund
Cash Type:
2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Budgeted (Nonappropriated/Allotted) (B)
Interest Earning Authority:
Closing GL Code:
Account used in the regulation of the cemetery industry under 68.05 RCW.
Sources of Revenue:
Licenses, Permits and Fees, Charges and Miscellaneous Revenue
Cemetery operators, general public
Effective Date:
Wed, 07/01/1953
Inactive Date:
Sun, 07/26/2009
Public Notes:
This account was abolished per ESHB 2126, Chapter 102, Laws of 2009, sections 25/26, effective 7/26/09. The account will remain open in AFRS until all warrants are redeemed.