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Capital budget instructions forms

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Proposed updates to the architectural/engineering fee guidelines - the Office of Financial Management has developed draft updates to its architectural/engineering (A/E) fee guidelines document. The guidelines, last revised in 2015, are used in the preparation of capital budget requests for Washington State agency public works building projects.

This update is the result of a multi-year effort that resulted in a Construction Cost Assessment Final Report by AECOM (June 2022). OFM will finalize this document in June 2024 with an implementation date of July 1, 2025 (for projects funded in the 2025-27 biennial budget and afterwards). The commenting period ended May 15, 2024. Thank you for the responses provided by Washington State agencies and architects and engineers in the construction industry.

Capital forms

2025-27 biennium budget forms

2023-25 biennium budget forms

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