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2021-31 capital plan

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Governor Inslee’s proposed capital budget appropriates nearly $6.2 billion (all funds) for state construction projects, grant and loan programs for local governments, and to build and improve K-12 schools and facilities for higher education. An average of 36,000 jobs per year will be created or sustained by the work funded in the capital budget.

Agency capital project detail

The following section presents the capital projects proposed for funding in the 2021-23 biennium and provides a project description, start and completion dates, current and future cost, and fund source. Projects authorized for alternate financing are identified in Section D. The agencies are grouped by functional area.

10-year capital plan and expenditures

This section presents three tables that describe the 2021-31 capital plan. Table 1 displays the recommended capital plan for each agency by project and fund source; Table 2 displays the 2021-31 capital program by source of funds; and Table 3 displays the 2021-31 10-year plan by appropriation type.

Alternate financing projects

Alternative financing generally refers to Certificates of Participation. In the 2021-23 Governor proposed capital budget, the Office of the State Treasurer is authorized to issue Certificates of Participation for 7 projects totaling $236 million.

State debt summaries

Debt summaries present information displaying the amount of bonds authorized by type of debt, as well as debt service summaries for future years resulting from this capital plan and all previous authorizations, separated by type of debt.

Model Toxics Control Act account report

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5993, signed into law in 2019, requires OFM to identify ways to improve access to and understanding of budget information related to the Model Toxics Control Act account at the time the governor-recommended budget is released. This balance sheet combines proposed MTCA appropriations in the operating, capital and transportation budgets

Capital budget balance sheet

The capital budget is comprised of general obligation bonds and other funds. This balance sheet shows the funds utilized in the proposed 2021-23 biennial capital budget and the amount remaining for the 2022 supplemental budget.

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