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Supreme Court

Article IV, State Constitution; RCW 2.04, 4.88

The Supreme Court is the state's highest court and serves as the final rule-making body for all other state courts. The court publishes opinions; sets precedents for subsequent cases decided in Washington; has original jurisdiction of petitions against state officers; reviews key trial court decisions; and provides continuing guidance for the judiciary. In addition, the Supreme Court has administrative responsibility for the state court system and supervisory responsibility over certain activities of the Washington State Bar Association, including attorney disciplinary matters.

Agency Mission

The Supreme Court, pursuant to Article IV, Section 4 of the Washington State Constitution and Chapter 2.04 RCW, is the state's "court of last resort" and is responsible for administering the judicial branch of state government. The court's mission remains one of providing an independent, accessible, and responsive forum for the just resolution of disputes.
Request 19,565,000
Net change from current biennium 1,116,000 Increase
Percent change from current biennium 6.0% Increase

Operating Budget: Summary

Appropriated Funds

2019-21 Appropriations Appropriated Funds Expenditures
Amount Estimated Balance   2017-19 Actual 2019-21 Estimated 2021-23 Proposed
18,449,000 General Fund - State 15,317,787 18,449,000 19,565,000
674,000 674,000 Pension Funding Stabilization Acct - State 669,000
19,123,000 674,000 Total Appropriated Funds 15,986,787 18,449,000 19,565,000

Non-Appropriated Funds

Operating Budget: Program Summary

Program Title Actual Estimated Proposed
Actual Estimated Estimated Proposed Proposed
Annual Total 8,024,496 8,964,622 3,790,132 9,796,000 9,769,000

Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

Actual Estimated Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
907,717 6.0% (3,232,033) (20.2%) 6,810,246 53.4%

Employment Summary

  Actual Estimated Proposed
  2018-19 Actual 2019-20 Estimated 2020-21 Estimated 2021-22 Proposed 2022-23 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 62.1 62.0 62.4 60.9 60.9