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Juvenile Rehabilitation - Dept of Social and Health Services

RCW 13.06, 13.24, 13.40, 13.80, 28A.190, 72.05, 72.16, 72.19, 72.20

The Juvenile Rehabilitation program of the Rehabilitation Administration (RA) provides a continuum of preventive, rehabilitative, and transitional/reentry programs in residential and community settings to: improve the safety and health status of individuals, families, and communities; hold juvenile offenders accountable for their crimes; assist youth in reaching their potential; and reduce criminal behavior of youth. Services for youth are provided in collaboration with communities and through the Juvenile Rehabilitation Integrated Treatment Model (ITM). JR’s ITM is a research based treatment approach that utilizes cognitive behavioral and family therapy principles tailored for use in both residential and parole programs in the JR continuum of care while promoting adolescent skill development through educational and vocational opportunities. The Juvenile Rehabilitation program is moved to the Department of Children, Youth and Families as of July 1, 2019.

Agency Mission

To transform lives by creating pathways to self sufficiency through effective rehabilitation services and meaningful partnerships.
Net change from current biennium
Percent change from current biennium

Program Level Summary

Fund Title Actual Estimated Proposed
Actual Estimated Estimated Proposed Proposed
General Fund - Federal 1,201,817
General Fund - Private/Local 345,434
General Fund - State 92,761,932
Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority Account - State 98,000
Pension Funding Stabilization Account - State 4,181,000
State Agency Office Relocation Pool Account - Nonappropriated 47,001
Annual Total 98,635,184

Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

Actual Estimated Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
9,554,261 5.1% (195,216,720) (100.0%)

Employment Summary

  Actual Estimated Proposed
  2018-19 Actual 2019-20 Estimated 2020-21 Estimated 2021-22 Proposed 2022-23 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 809.3