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Administrative Office of the Courts

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 459.6 135,317 77,381 212,698
2021-23 Maintenance Level 415.9 145,028 47,638 192,666
Difference from 2019-21 (43.7) 9,711 (29,743) (20,032)
% Change from 2019-21 (9.5%) 7.2% (38.4%) (9.4%)

2021-23 Policy Other Changes

Web Services Support 1.0 319 0 319
New Judge Position - King County 1.0 318 0 318
Study on Judicial Needs Caseload 1.5 620 0 620
Realizing Change Through Research 1.0 301 0 301
Court Behavioral Health Assistance 4.0 1,071 0 1,071
Trial Court Legal Services 3.0 769 0 769
Court Equity and Access Team 5.0 1,518 0 1,518
AC-ECMS Operations & Maintenance 5.0 0 2,000 2,000
External Equipment Replacement 0.0 0 252 252
Info Networking Hub EDR 0.0 0 500 500
Internal Equipment Replacement 0.0 0 2,503 2,503
Enhance Juvenile Court Portfolio 3.5 0 1,032 1,032
CLJ Case Management System 33.8 0 16,835 16,835
2021-23 Policy Other Changes Total 58.8 4,916 23,122 28,038
Total Policy Changes 58.8 4,916 23,122 28,038
2021-23 Policy Level 474.7 149,944 70,760 220,704
Difference from 2019-21 15.1 14,627 (6,621) 8,006
% Change from 2019-21 3.3% 10.8% (8.6%) 3.8%

Policy Changes

Web Services Support

Funding is provided for additional web services staff support to respond to the increasing demand for secure and reliable judicial branch web-based services and publications. (General Fund - State)

New Judge Position - King County

Funding is provided for the ongoing costs for a 54th King County Superior Court judge position. (General Fund - State)

Study on Judicial Needs Caseload

This item will fund the development of a judicial needs weighted caseload study. (General Fund - State)

Realizing Change Through Research

This item provides funding for a senior research associate position that will focus on race, gender, language groups and how the courts interact and administer justice to historically marginalized groups. (General Fund - State)

Court Behavioral Health Assistance

This item provides funding to establish a statewide court behavioral health response team to provide assistance to individuals in the justice system who have behavioral health needs. (General Fund - State)

Trial Court Legal Services

This item provides funding for additional professional legal staff who provide legal research, materials and training to judicial officers. (General Fund - State)

Court Equity and Access Team

This funding is provided for the development of a statewide Court Equity and Access Team, which will help those from historically marginalized backgrounds resolve their civil legal problems. (General Fund - State)

AC-ECMS Operations & Maintenance

This item provides funding to establish permanent staffing for the maintenance, operations and support of the Appellate Court information systems and web pages. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)

External Equipment Replacement

Funding is provided to replace aged computer equipment at the trial courts and county clerk offices. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)

Info Networking Hub EDR

Funding is provided to integrate additional case management systems with the Information Networking Hub Enterprise Data Repository. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)

Internal Equipment Replacement

This funding will replace end-of-life equipment and improve the performance of heavily used Judicial Information System services. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)

Enhance Juvenile Court Portfolio

This item will expand Administrative Office of the Courts staff to support and enhance the juvenile court application portfolio. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)

CLJ Case Management System

This item will allow the Administrative Office of the Courts to continue to implement the new commercial off-the-shelf case management system for the courts of limited jurisdiction and probation offices. The Administrative Office of the Courts is making this request with the knowledge that it will result in a negative account balance for fund 543. As a request from the judicial branch, pursuant to chapter 43.88 RCW, it cannot be revised. (Judicial Information Systems Acct - State)