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Superintendent of Public Instruction

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 381.5 27,251,197 2,057,834 29,309,031
2021-23 Maintenance Level 381.5 28,069,341 2,026,054 30,095,395
Difference from 2019-21 0.0 818,144 (31,780) 786,364
% Change from 2019-21 0.0% 3.0% (1.5%) 2.7%

2021-23 Policy Other Changes

Administrative Transfer 0.0 (450) 0 (450)
Enhanced Digital Security 0.0 160 0 160
Integrated Early Learning Options 0.0 260 0 260
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 0.0 760 0 760
Regional Apprenticeship Pathway 0.0 500 0 500
Special Education Family Liaison 0.0 75 224 299
Mastery-based Learning 0.0 290 0 290
Paraeducator Training 0.0 14,838 0 14,838
Accelerated Learning Opportunities 0.0 400,000 0 400,000
Connectivity Enhancement 0.0 75,600 0 75,600
Counselors/High Poverty Schools 0.0 31,992 0 31,992
Next Generation Science Standards 0.0 2,000 0 2,000
Increase WSCSC Spending Authority 0.0 0 784 784
2021-23 Policy Other Changes Total 0.0 526,025 1,008 527,033

2021-23 Policy Comp Changes

Pension Adjustments, nonrate 0.0 42 24 66
State Employee Benefits 0.0 (97) (64) (161)
Temporary Layoffs and Other Savings 0.0 (2,350) (1,487) (3,837)
Non-Rep General Wage Increase 0.0 (1,920) (1,144) (3,064)
Updated SEBB Rate 0.0 95,961 0 95,961
2021-23 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 91,636 (2,671) 88,965

2021-23 Policy Central Services Changes

Archives/Records Management 0.0 7 0 7
Audit Services 0.0 (33) 0 (33)
Legal Services 0.0 (79) (14) (93)
Administrative Hearings 0.0 (41) 0 (41)
CTS Central Services 0.0 (10) 0 (10)
DES Central Services 0.0 198 0 198
OFM Central Services 0.0 572 0 572
Self-Insurance Liability Premium 0.0 16 0 16
2021-23 Policy Central Services Changes Total 0.0 630 (14) 616
Total Policy Changes 0.0 618,291 (1,677) 616,614
2021-23 Policy Level 381.5 28,687,632 2,024,377 30,712,009
Difference from 2019-21 0.0 1,436,435 (33,457) 1,402,978
% Change from 2019-21 0.0% 5.3% (1.6%) 4.8%

Policy Changes

Administrative Transfer

This item moves funding for the Interpreter Mentoring program from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Washington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth, which has historically administered the program by contract. (WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State, General Fund - State)

Enhanced Digital Security

Funding is provided to upgrade the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Microsoft Office 365 licensing level from A3 to A5 for all agency accounts, and to maintain the new server and data backup application needed to support new hardware installed as part of the State Data Center (SDC) move. OSPI provides shared services email to the following agencies: State Board of Education, Professional Educator Standards Board, Charter Schools Commission and Financial Education Public-Private Partnership. This upgrade has been requested by the State Chief Information Officer for enhanced security to support the remote workforce. (General Fund - State)

Integrated Early Learning Options

Funding is provided to continue collaboration with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families to complete a report with options and recommendations for administrative efficiencies and long-term strategies that align all high-quality early learning programs administered by both agencies for the purpose of integrated classes. The report is due on September 1, 2022, and will include recommendations for supporting the transition to entitlement for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. (General Fund - State)

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Statewide development of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) will provide training and technical assistance on evidence-based approaches to educators so they can better support students' academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs. Washington students, including students with disabilities, multilingual/English learners, students of color and students from low-income families, continue to experience persistent gaps in opportunities, growth and achievement. To close these gaps, schools must have systems to identify students requiring additional supports and respond to their needs. (General Fund - State)

Regional Apprenticeship Pathway

Funding is provided to establish a new apprenticeship pathways and career connected learning program in the skilled trades in the Federal Way School District. (Workforce Education Investment Acc - State)

Special Education Family Liaison

To ensure compliance with federal and state requirements in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, it is essential to fully fund the Special Education Parent and Family Liaison position. This position is funded with a 25 percent state match to ensure the IDEA federal match of 75 percent will be available to the state. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Pension Adjustments, nonrate

This funds the potential impact of Department of Retirement Systems request legislation on pension service credit and benefit calculation. It will prevent budget reductions such as temporary layoffs from negatively affecting employee retirement benefits. (Educator Certification Processing A - Non-Appropriated, General Fund - State, General Fund - Federal, other funds)

State Employee Benefits

Health insurance funding is provided for state employees who are not represented by a union, who are covered by a bargaining agreement that is not subject to financial feasibility determination, or who are not part of the coalition of unions for health benefits. The insurance funding rate is $988 per employee per month for fiscal year 2022 and $1,018 per employee per month for fiscal year 2023. (Workforce Education Investment Acc - State, Dedicated Marijuana Acct - State, WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State, other funds)

Temporary Layoffs and Other Savings

This item reflects savings achieved from temporary layoffs or similar actions. (General Fund - Local, Education Legacy Trust Account - State, General Fund - Private/Local, other funds)

Non-Rep General Wage Increase

This reflects savings from the cancellation of the July 1, 2020 general wage increase for some non-represented, non-classified employees. (Performance Audits of Government - State, WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State, General Fund - Private/Local, other funds)

Archives/Records Management

Adjustments are made for each agency’s anticipated share of charges for archives and records management services provided by the Secretary of State’s Office. (General Fund - State)

Audit Services

Adjustments are made for each agency’s anticipated cost of audits performed by the State Auditor’s Office. (General Fund - State)

Legal Services

Adjustments are made for each agency’s anticipated cost of legal services provided by the Attorney General’s Office. Because legal services expenditures are based on consumption, funding provided in the central service model is not all inclusive. (Charter Schools Oversight Account - State, General Fund - State)

Administrative Hearings

Adjustments are made for each agency’s anticipated cost of administrative hearings from the Office of Administrative Hearings. (General Fund - State)

CTS Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges for Microsoft 365 G5 licenses contracted for state agencies by the Consolidated Technology Services agency. This contract allows the state to achieve economies of scale and administrative efficiencies in the management of licenses. (General Fund - State)

DES Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges from the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) for campus rent, utilities, parking, and contracts; capital project surcharges; financing cost recovery; public and historic facilities; real estate services; risk management services; personnel service rates; the Perry Street child care center; small agency services; and the department’s enterprise applications. (General Fund - State)

OFM Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges for existing statewide financial applications, One Washington, and other central services provided by the Office of Financial Management. (General Fund - State)

Self-Insurance Liability Premium

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency's share of actuarily projected costs of the Self-Insurance Liability Account. This includes adjustments to existing funding levels as well as enhancements for anticipated liabilities in the 2021-23 biennium. (General Fund - State)

Mastery-based Learning

The Mastery-based Learning Work Group recommendations will provide a foundation to transform our educational system and close the opportunity gap. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the advantages of mastery-based learning and the need to move more quickly to a mastery-based learning framework. This funding will advance mastery-based education by expanding the research on graduation pathways to incorporate student voice, continuing the Mastery-based Learning Work Group, and proposing changes to ensure a cohesive system of graduation requirements that align with mastery-based learning. (General Fund - State)

Paraeducator Training

Funding is provided for additional paraeducator professional development as referenced in Chapter 237, Laws of 2017. This item will fund two days of training in the Paraeducator Certificate Program in fiscal year 2023, and two days each year thereafter. In addition, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and instruction primarily being provided online, a course will be developed to provide online training to paraeducators on effective community, family and student engagement. (General Fund - State)

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Many students need instruction, enrichment and other supports to succeed academically. One-time funding is provided to school districts to expand learning opportunities and implement additional instruction, enrichment and student supports based on an evaluation of student needs. (General Fund - State)

Connectivity Enhancement

This item addresses continued inequity in student access to affordable internet connectivity and digital learning devices throughout our state. Funding is provided to help close this digital gap in K–12 learning, and to help school districts support students and staff by providing broadband access outside of school. (General Fund - State, WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State)

Counselors/High Poverty Schools

Funding is provided to increase the number of school guidance counselors to support the safety and social emotional needs of students in the most disenfranchised populations. (WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State, General Fund - State)

Updated SEBB Rate

This item funds adjustments to the SEB rate and a proposed covered lives assessment on health carriers and third party administrators. (WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State, General Fund - State)

Next Generation Science Standards

Funding is increased to continue professional development in the Next Generation Science Standards and to support community-based climate science organizations to partner with educational service districts and school districts. (General Fund - State)

Increase WSCSC Spending Authority

Due to an increase in the number of charter public schools, the demands on the Washington State Charter School Commission (WSCSC) and its resources have increased dramatically. To provide the required technical assistance and support to ensure student success at these schools, the commission is provided increased spending authority to match anticipated revenue increases. (Charter Schools Oversight Account - State)