State Conservation Commission

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 19.0 16,053 12,192 28,245
2021-23 Maintenance Level 20.1 16,257 11,932 28,189
Difference from 2019-21 1.1 204 (260) (56)
% Change from 2019-21 5.8% 1.3% (2.1%) (0.2%)

2021-23 Policy Other Changes

Shift to Capital 0.0 (630) 0 (630)
Food Policy Forum Implementation 1.5 340 0 340
Agency Savings 0.0 (204) 0 (204)
Shift Soil Health Initiative 0.0 (110) 110 0
2021-23 Policy Other Changes Total 1.5 (604) 110 (494)

2021-23 Policy Comp Changes

Pension Adjustments, nonrate 0.0 4 0 4
State Employee Benefits 0.0 (8) (1) (9)
Temporary Layoffs and Other Savings 0.0 (196) (33) (229)
Non-Rep General Wage Increase 0.0 (150) (6) (156)
2021-23 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 (350) (40) (390)

2021-23 Policy Central Services Changes

Legal Services 0.0 (11) 0 (11)
DES Central Services 0.0 (6) 0 (6)
OFM Central Services 0.0 29 0 29
Self-Insurance Liability Premium 0.0 1 0 1
2021-23 Policy Central Services Changes Total 0.0 13 0 13
Total Policy Changes 1.5 (941) 70 (871)
2021-23 Policy Level 21.6 15,316 12,002 27,318
Difference from 2019-21 2.6 (737) (190) (927)
% Change from 2019-21 13.7% (4.6%) (1.6%) (3.3%)

Policy Changes

Shift to Capital

In order to save state general fund dollars, program administration costs to implement conservation district investments is shifted to the capital budget on a one-time basis. (General Fund - State)

Food Policy Forum Implementation

The 2020 Legislature established the Food Policy Forum with the passage of Substitute Senate Bill 6091 (Chapter 246, Laws of 2020). The legislation directed the State Conservation Commission and Department of Agriculture to staff the forum which is created to improve the state's food system. Additional funding will hire a facilitator and staff the forum. (General Fund - State)

Agency Savings

State general fund support is reduced for grants to conservation districts, vacancy savings, and goods and services. (General Fund - State)

Shift Soil Health Initiative

Funding for the agency to administer the Soil Health Initiative is shifted from the state general fund to the Model Toxics Control Operating Account on an ongoing basis to preserve state general fund dollars. (General Fund - State, Model Toxics Control Operating Acct - State)

Pension Adjustments, nonrate

This funds the potential impact of Department of Retirement Systems request legislation on pension service credit and benefit calculation. It will prevent budget reductions such as temporary layoffs from negatively affecting employee retirement benefits. (General Fund - State)

State Employee Benefits

Health insurance funding is provided for state employees who are not represented by a union, who are covered by a bargaining agreement that is not subject to financial feasibility determination, or who are not part of the coalition of unions for health benefits. The insurance funding rate is $988 per employee per month for fiscal year 2022 and $1,018 per employee per month for fiscal year 2023. (General Fund - State, Public Works Assistance Account - State)

Temporary Layoffs and Other Savings

This item reflects savings achieved from temporary layoffs or similar actions. (Public Works Assistance Account - State, General Fund - State)

Non-Rep General Wage Increase

This reflects savings from the cancellation of the July 1, 2020 general wage increase for some non-represented, non-classified employees. (General Fund - State, Public Works Assistance Account - State)

Legal Services

Adjustments are made for each agency’s anticipated cost of legal services provided by the Attorney General’s Office. Because legal services expenditures are based on consumption, funding provided in the central service model is not all inclusive. (General Fund - State)

DES Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges from the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) for campus rent, utilities, parking, and contracts; capital project surcharges; financing cost recovery; public and historic facilities; real estate services; risk management services; personnel service rates; the Perry Street child care center; small agency services; and the department’s enterprise applications. (General Fund - State)

OFM Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges for existing statewide financial applications, One Washington, and other central services provided by the Office of Financial Management. (General Fund - State)

Self-Insurance Liability Premium

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency's share of actuarily projected costs of the Self-Insurance Liability Account. This includes adjustments to existing funding levels as well as enhancements for anticipated liabilities in the 2021-23 biennium. (General Fund - State)