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2017-27 capital budget instructions

Table of contents

2017-27 Capital Plan Instructions - Complete document (updated August 2017)

Chapter 1: Capital Budget Basics (June 2016)
Chapter 1: Capital Budget Basics (updated August 2017)

1.1 Introduction
1.2 What is a Capital Project?
1.3 Phases and Types of Capital Projects
1.4 Reappropriations
1.5 Administrative and Staffing Costs

Chapter 2: Budget Submittal Requirements

Chapter 3: Budget Request Content

3.1 Ten-Tear View (CBS 001)
3.2 Projects (CBS 002)
3.3 Reappropriations (CBS 002)
3.4 Cost Estimates (CBS 003)
3.5 Capital FTEs (CBS 004)

Chapter 4: Financing Guidelines

4.1 Methods of Finance
4.2 Long-Term Tax Exempt Financing Restricted to Capital Projects
4.3 Private Activity Restrictions on Tax-Exempt Financing

Chapter 5: Budget Implementation

5.1 Allotments
5.2 Minor Works Lists
5.3 Major Project Status and Final Close-out Reports
5.4 Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Life Cycle Cost Tool
5.5 Bond Fund Cash Flow Plans

Chapter 6: Support and Contact Information

6.1 CBS Support
6.2 OFM Capital Budget Staff Contacts
6.3 Other Contacts

A-1 Agency Budget Submittal Dates
A-2 Information Technology
A-3 Financing Guidelines

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