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Commercial Use Fees

Natural Resources, Department of
Title of action
Commercial Use Fees
Date significant agency action was initiated
Friday, December 8, 2023
Agency-request legislation
Brief description of significant agency actions for which the agency is initiating an environmental justice assessment.
Agency Request Legislation to amend RCW 4.24.210, the Recreational Immunity Statute, to give DNR the authority to charge fees for recreation permits, issued for organized recreation or educational activities. If successful, this statutory authority will provide DNR the ability to develop a fee structure for recreation permits, which will allow the program to pursue administrative cost recovery and will provide the certainty needed for the future development of an agency Commercial Recreation Policy.
Methods for providing public comment for agency consideration as part of the environmental justice assessment.
DNR will formally invite stakeholders to provide feedback on all the Agency Request Legislation for the upcoming legislative session. Comments will be received through an online portal and may be directed to individual DNR staff members, as well. Stakeholders are also encouraged to participate in the legislative process through public comment and engagement with elected representatives. If we are successful in getting this agency request legislation passed, we will complete a thorough outreach process with community members as we develop a fee structure and commercial recreation policy. We will look to our internal Environmental Justice Office for guidance on this work.