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Manufacturing employment as a percent of total

Manufacturing employment as a percent of total, 1980

  • State average: 17.8%
  • Highest county: Wahkiakum at 37.5%
  • Lowest county: Whitman at 1.6%

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Average wages by county (map)

Average Wages, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2021 Dollars

Per capita personal income by county

Per Capita Personal Income, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2021 Dollars

Growth Management Act county projections

Population change

In accordance with RCW 43.62.035, the Office of Financial Management shall determine the percentage increase in population for each county over the preceding ten-year period, as of April 1.

2012 GMA projection background materials

Included here are documents describing the process of GMA projections.