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Languages spoken at home (mapped by county)

Percent in households where English is spoken less than "very well"

Population Age 5 and Above, 2020

The smallest share of population where English was spoken less than "Very Well" was in Pend Oreille County at 0.2%. The highest share was in Adams County where 26.4% of persons were in this category.

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Educational attainment (mapped by county)

Percent high school graduates

Population Age 25 and Above, 2020

Jefferson (96.3%), San Juan (95.9%) and Island (95.6%) County had the highest percentages of high school graduates.

Adams (68.9%), Yakima (74.3%) and Franklin (76.7%) County had the lowest percentages of high school graduates.

Population by age, mapped by county

Median Age, 2022

In 2010, the median age of persons living in Washington state was 37.3 years. In 2022 the median age had increased to 38.6 years.

Jefferson County had the highest median age in 2010 at 53.9 years. By 2022, the median age in Jefferson County had reached 60.7 years.

Single-parent families as a percent of all families with children (mapped by county)


Ferry County had the highest percentage of single parent families with 55.1%.

Wahiakum County had the lowest share of single parent families, with 10.6%.

Poverty rate for single-parent families headed by a female householder (mapped by county)


Klickitat County had the highest percentage of single mother families in poverty at 56.4%.

The lowest poverty rates for families headed by single mothers was found in Columbia County at 10.1%.

Hispanic population as a percent of total population


In 2020, the highest percentages of Hispanic residents were found in central Washington with Adams (69.2%), Franklin (55.9%), and Yakima (51.9%) counties posting the highest shares.

Population by county — census data (map)

Population, 2010


Population, 2000

Population Change, 2000–2010

Manufacturing employment as a percent of total

Manufacturing employment as a percent of total, 1980

  • State average: 17.8%
  • Highest county: Wahkiakum at 37.5%
  • Lowest county: Whitman at 1.6%

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