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Population by age, mapped by county

Median Age, 2018

In 2010, the median age of persons living in Washington state was 37.3 years. In 2018 the median age had increased to 38.3 years.

Jefferson County had the highest median age in 2010 at 53.9 years. By 2018, the median age in Jefferson County had reached 58.4 years.

Population by race

Washington state population by race


Components of population change


2010 Population 6,724,540
Plus Births    790,330
Less Deaths    478,750
Plus Net Migration    510,280
=2019 Population 7,546,400

State & local government revenues per capita

Washington state & local government revenues per capita

Inflation-Adjusted to 2016 Dollars

Fiscal Year

Revenues Per Capita
(Inflation-Adjusted to 2015 Dollars)

The 2007 Washington Input-Output Model

Released September 2012 (Revised October 2015)

In 2010, seven state agencies and the legislative staff, under the direction of Dr. William Beyers, University of Washington Geography Professor, and Marc Baldwin, Office of Financial Management (OFM), initiated the estimation of a new version of the Washington State Input-Output (I-O) model. OFM staff member Dr. Ta-Win Lin served as the project coordinator.

Single-parent families as a percent of all families with children (mapped by county)


Clallam County had the highest percentage of single parent families with 41.9 percent.

Garfield County had the lowest share of single parent families, with 20.4 percent.

Poverty rate for single-parent families headed by a female householder (mapped by county)


Adams County had the highest percentage of single mother families in poverty at 43.7 percent.

The lowest poverty rates for families headed by single mothers was found in Wahkiakum County at 8.7 percent.