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Update on IT classification implementation

During July and August 2017 Statewide IT Position Evaluation teams evaluated over 4,000 IT position descriptions for placement in the new IT classification structure.  The project team is currently working with agency and institution HR offices to validate the initial evaluation results.  Additionally, scheduling of evaluations is in process for a number of positions that did not go through the evaluation process conducted during the formal evaluation sessions this summer. 

Performance development plans (PDPs)

For employees to succeed, they need to know what success looks like and receive regular coaching and feedback on their progress. The Performance and Development Plan (PDP) is a tool for facilitating communication between a supervisor and an employee about:

Employee performance management

Employee performance management is both a process and a commitment to building a performance culture that:

  • Links individual performance to organizational goals and performance measures.
  • Ensures both the organization and its staff succeed in achieving business objectives.
  • Promotes employee engagement, productivity, growth, and retention.

Practices are the tools organizations use to make a performance culture visible and tangible. 

Workforce Data and Trends

Data reflecting the state executive branch workforce.

Washington State Employee Compensation Survey (State Salary Survey)

OFM is required by law (RCW 41.06.160) to conduct a salary survey to determine the prevailing pay rates for jobs that are comparable to state jobs.