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2020 Census: Everyone Counts

The 2020 Census will be conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, which is part of the federal Department of Commerce. As a State Data Center and Federal State Cooperative for Population Estimates program member, OFM serves as a liaison between the State and Census Bureau, acts as an advocate for census-related issues specific to Washington state, and facilitates the Census Bureau's mission of attaining a complete and accurate 2020 census count.

An accurate census count is essential for our state. The federal, state and local governments, businesses, nonprofits and foundations, routinely rely on data from the Census to allocate funding, define where services are delivered, and promote economic development. When census information is not accurate, it suppresses the voices of undercounted groups and regions, and undermines the basic political equality that is central to our democracy.

The Census Bureau is currently facing unprecedented budget constraints. As a result, it is planning to collect the majority of the census information online and dramatically cut back in field canvassing and door to door follow-up. These changes increase the potential of missing residents where housing has grown or changed and of undercounting young children, minorities, low-income individuals and other marginalized individuals.