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Washington State Office of Financial Management
P.O. Box 43113
Olympia, WA 98504-3113
Directions to our office locations

Verifying employment

We are unable to verify employment of workers from other state agencies. To verify employment:

  1. Look up the employee's name in the online state directory to find their employing agency.
  2. Contact the employing agency HR office.

MyPortal and IT systems help 

Contact the OFM Help Desk:

Questions about statewide vendor/payee applications


Phone: 360-902-0555

  • Answers any general questions you may have regarding the Office of Financial Management.
  • Includes executive management for OFM.
  • Provides operational support to all programs within the agency.


Phone: 360-725-0198

  • Provides financial direction through state accounting policies and supporting state agencies with administering those policies through training and consulting services.
  • Implements state and national administrative and accounting initiatives.
  • Promotes accountability in state agencies.
  • Meets reporting needs of our customers.


Phone: 360-902-0560
Budget analyst assignment list
Facilities Oversight staff assignments

  • Performs an ongoing role in planning, analyzing, and implementing the state's operating, transportation, and capital budgets.
  • Responsible for making budget recommendations to the Governor and presenting the Governor's budget proposal to the Legislature and the public.
  • Monitors state agency activities for conformance with executive and legislative intent after budgets are approved by the Legislature.
  • Coordinates facilities planning needs with state agencies.  

Forecasting & Research

Phone: 360-902-0599

  • Develops official state and local population estimates for use in the allocation of certain state revenues.
  • Develops the official state and local population forecasts for use in growth management and other planning functions.
  • Conducts research on factors affecting the expenditures and caseloads for major state social service, higher education, criminal justice and other programs and provides information and analytic support to the Caseload Forecast Council.
  • Develops medium-term and long-range economic, revenue, expenditure limit, and budget pressure forecasts to support fiscal planning.
  • Analyzes impact of tax and revenue policy options.
  • Provides staff support to the I-601 Expenditure Limit Committee.

State Human Resources

Phone: 360-725-5100 
Class & Compensation:
Class & Compensation agency/institution assignments
Labor Relations:
Strategic HR:
State HR Planning:

Mailing address for State Human Resources:
P.O. Box 47500
1500 Jefferson St. SE
Olympia, WA 98501

  • ​Serves as the state’s central HR policy making body and provides leadership and support on enterprise HR strategic planning, collective bargaining and oversight of HR systems and structure, rules and policy.

Information Technology Services Division

Phone: 360-407-9100

  • Supports OFM’s enterprise applications used by agencies to manage their budget, accounting and human resource systems.
  • Supports the IT needs of OFM and the Governor’s Office.

Governor's Policy Office

Phone: 360-902-0668

  • Develops legislative proposals to support policy goals and initiatives of the Governor and executive branch agencies.
  • Reviews and analyzes legislation.

ADA coordinators

TTY/TDD: Washington Relay Service at 711 or 1-800-833-6388.

Leticia Gomez-Esposito
HR Director

Nadia Sarno
Operations Manager

Stasha Espinosa
Communications Director

Staff assignments by agency

Listing of staff agency assignments
Agency contacts for Policy, Budget and Accounting.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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