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July 20, 2016

Between February and August 2016, we're making some changes to the website. Much of the content on the site will be moved to the websites of the three agencies that now carry out state HR services and policy functions. will become a portal site to make sure you can still find the services and information you need. We'll also ensure that the links you currently use still get you to the right place.

Where will content move to?

This list will be updated as we complete the move for each section:

Department of Enterprise Services:

Office of Financial Management:

Washington Technology Solutions:

  • Payroll

Why the change?

Since human resource policy and service functions are now provided by three separate state agencies, we want to be transparent about which agency is providing the service or is responsible for the policy.

In addition, website maintenance is simplified by placing the content and having resources on the website of the agency that is responsible for this information. This leads to greater efficiencies and increases the accuracy of the information.