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2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

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Table of Contents

Accounting Training Project

Many business processes will change when the new ERP system is implemented, and it will be more important than ever for staff to have strong knowledge of accounting principles. OFM Statewide Accounting is seeking funding to provide a comprehensive accounting training series to help agency staff prepare for the new ERP system and on-going training for new staff and growth and development.

Federal Grants Community of Practice Project

OFM has established the Federal Grants Community of Practice, which is a group of agency representatives who will create a community of resources, develop federal grant training curriculum, and identify and address ongoing grant management needs. The group includes accountants, internal auditors, and grant management staff from state agencies who receive a significant amount of federal grants.

Agency Interfaces from AFRS Project

Our goal is to have all agencies that interface from AFRS using the same server with a standard set of data elements prior to the ERP implementation. This will make converting the agency interfaces much easier when the new system is configured. We are currently working on Phase 1 of this project.

Master Payee and Customer File Project

Our goal is to have a master payee file when the new ERP system goes live, which would include both payees and customers.

Assess Finance Organizational Strategy and Readiness Project

OFM Statewide Accounting is currently working on the Assessing Finance Organizational Strategy and Readiness Project that will help inform the One Washington business transformation to modernize and improve aging administrative systems. This project will assess the organizational strategies now used to manage agency finances and begin taking the steps needed to smoothly transition to the new Software as a Solution Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.