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Fund 135 - Aquaculture Disease Control Account

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Inactive Account 07/01/2001
Admin Agency:
Department of Agriculture - 4950
Cash Type:
1 - Treasury Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Earnings from Investments are:
Credited to the general fund under RCW 43.84.092(4).
Moneys from the account shall be used solely for administering the disease inspection and control program established under RCW 75.58.010.
Sources of Revenue:
Licenses, Permits, and Fees, Other Miscellaneous Revenue
Aquatic farmers
Effective Date:
Inactive Date:
Public Notes:
Recodified to RCW 77.115.020, Inactive per Chap 150, section 2, Laws of 2000

ACFR Information

Account Code:
Account Title:
Aquaculture Disease Control Account
Fund Type:
BA - Special Revenue Funds
Rollup Fund:
BF - Wildlife and Natural Resources Fund
Closing GL Code: