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Fund 137

Fund Reference Manual

137-Morrill Account

Inactive Account 07/01/2010
Account Code:
Account Title:
Morrill Account
Admin Agency:
Washington State University - 3650
Fund Type:
BA - Special Revenue Funds
Rollup Fund:
BG - Higher Education Fund
Cash Type:
2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Budgeted (Nonappropriated/Allotted) (B)
Interest Earning Authority:
Closing GL Code:
Account used to receive and disburse all federal appropriations for the land grant colleges in accordance with the following federal acts: 1. Second Morrill Act, approved August 30, 1980 (26 Stat. L. 417). 2. Nelson amendment to the Morrill Act making appropriations for the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1908, approved March 4, (34 Stat. L. 1281). 3. Title II, Section 22 of the Bankhead-Jones Act, approved June 29, 1935 (49 Stat. L. 436). 4. Any subsequent federal act appropriating funds to the state of Washington or to the Washington State University for a similar or related purpose.
Sources of Revenue:
Miscellaneous Revenue
Washington State University
Effective Date:
Fri, 07/01/1955
Inactive Date:
Thu, 07/01/2010
Public Notes:
Inactivated 7/1/10 per SSB 6572.