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Fund 17L - Foreclosure Fairness Account

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Admin Agency:
Department of Commerce - 1030
Cash Type:
2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Budgeted (Nonappropriated/Allotted) (B)
Earnings from Investments are:
Credited to the general fund under RCW 43.79A.040(4)(a).
To protect and assist homeowners from unnecessary foreclosures. Expenditures from the account must be used for: providing housing counselors for borrowers, enforcement of the chapter by the attorney general's consumer protection division, legal representation of homeowners in matters relating to foreclosure, implementation and operation of the foreclosure fairness act, and to conduct homeowner prepurchase and postpurchase outreach and education programs.
Sources of Revenue:
Effective Date:
Inactive Date:
Public Notes:

ACFR Information

Account Code:
Account Title:
Foreclosure Fairness Account
Fund Type:
BA - Special Revenue Funds
Rollup Fund:
BD - Central Admin and Regulatory Fund
Closing GL Code:
9321 - Committed for Other Purposes