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Fund 26E - Air Qual Health Disparities Impvmt Acct

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Admin Agency:
Department of Ecology - 4610
Cash Type:
1 - Treasury Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Appropriated (A)
Earnings from Investments are:
Credited to the general fund under RCW 43.84.092(4).
To be used for projects that result in long-term environmental benefits and increased resilience to the impacts of climate change such as improving air quality through the reduction of criteria pollutants, and reducing health disparities in overburdened communities by improving health outcomes through the reduction or elimination of environmental harms and the promotion of environmental benefits.
Sources of Revenue:
Proceeds from auctions of greenhouse gas allowances
General public
Effective Date:
Inactive Date:
Public Notes:

ACFR Information

Account Code:
Account Title:
Air Qual Health Disparities Impvmt Acct
Fund Type:
BA - Special Revenue Funds
Rollup Fund:
BF - Wildlife and Natural Resources Fund
Closing GL Code:
9324 - Committed for Wildlife & Natural Resourc