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Fund 843

Fund Reference Manual

843-Exceptional Faculty Awards Endowment Account

Account Code:
Account Title:
Exceptional Faculty Awards Endowment Account
Admin Agency:
Locally by each agency - LCL0
Fund Type:
EA - Permanent Funds
Rollup Fund:
EA - Higher Ed Endowment & Other Perm Funds
Cash Type:
3 - Local Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Nonappropriated/Nonallotted (N)
Interest Earning Authority:
Closing GL Code:
The proceeds from the endowment fund shall be used to pay expenses for faculty awards, which may include in-service training, temporary substitute or replacement costs directly associated with faculty development programs, conferences, travel, publication and dissemination of exemplary projects; to supplement the salary of the holder or holders of a faculty award; or to pay expenses associated with the holder’s program area. Funds from this program shall not be used to supplant existing faculty development funds.
Sources of Revenue:
Private Donations, Charges and Miscellaneous Revenue, Interest Earnings
Community and technical college faculty
Effective Date:
Sun, 07/01/1990
Inactive Date:
Public Notes: