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Last Updated: 10/13/2021

Administer Justice

Strategy: Administer Justice

Agency: 055 - Administrative Office of the Courts

A001 - Administration and Support for State Courts

The Office of the Administrator for the Courts, operating under the direction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is responsible for the execution of administrative policies and rules applicable to Washington State's judicial system. This court system includes the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, superior courts, and courts of limited jurisdiction. The office is responsible for the orderly collection and compilation of court statistics; operation of the judicial information system; training and education of judicial staff; and research, development, and administrative support for judicial staff.

Account FY 2022 FY 2023 Biennium Total
FTE 480.4 484.1 482.3
001 - General Fund
State 157,168,000 81,033,000 238,201,000
Federal 1,072,000 1,137,000 2,209,000
Local 313,000 368,000 681,000
001 - General Fund Totals 158,553,000 82,538,000 241,091,000
16A - Judicial Stabilization Trust Acct
State 3,346,000 3,346,000 6,692,000
543 - Judicial Information Systems Acct
State 30,825,000 29,839,000 60,664,000
FY 2022 FY 2023 Biennium Total
FTES 480.4 484.1 482.3
GFS 157,168,000.0 81,033,000.0 238,201,000.0
Other 35,556,000.0 34,690,000.0 70,246,000.0
Totals 192,724,000.0 115,723,000.0 308,447,000.0
Expected Results

To continue the advancement of the effecient and effective operation of the Washington State judicial system so that courts, in turn, can achieve their mission of providing an accessible, and responsive forum for the just resolution of disputes.