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Department of Social and Health Services - Mental Health

  Average Annual FTEs Near General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Current Budget 2,050.5 829,965 179,160 1,009,125
2019-21 Maintenance Level 2,158.4 909,419 147,045 1,056,464
Difference from 2017-19 107.9 79,454 (32,115) 47,339
% Change from 2017-19 5.3% 9.6% (17.9%) 4.7%

2019-21 Policy Other Changes

Ward Psychologists 2.5 879 0 879
State Hospital Telephone Service 1.4 1,037 0 1,037
Behavioral Health Tribal Liaison 0.50 141 0 141
DSH Adjustment 0.0 (28,621) 28,621 0
Hospital Safety: Recruitment Team 11.7 3,732 0 3,732
Hospital Safety: ACIT Training 16.3 2,908 0 2,908
Hospital Safety: NEO Training 7.9 1,635 0 1,635
Hospital Safety: Jail Consultation 1.5 659 0 659
Hospital Safety: Direct Care Staff 33.0 8,161 0 8,161
Essential IT Service Impacts 0.0 527 37 564
2019-21 Policy Other Changes Total 74.8 (8,942) 28,658 19,716

2019-21 Policy Comp Changes

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase 0.0 95 7 102
2019-21 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 95 7 102
Total Policy Changes 74.8 (8,847) 28,665 19,818
2019-21 Policy Level 2,233.2 900,572 175,710 1,076,282
Difference from 2017-19 182.7 70,607 (3,450) 67,157
% Change from 2017-19 8.9% 8.5% (1.9%) 6.7%

Policy Changes

Ward Psychologists

Psychologists serve as one of the first lines of defense in identifying triggers and developing behavioral support plans to assist in violence reduction. Increased violence at the hospital can result when the forensic population receives services from a psychologist only when referred. Currently, there are seven psychologist positions to support 11 wards. To meet the needs of each ward and increase safety at the hospital, funding is provided for four additional psychologist positions and one Director of Psychology position. (General Fund - State)

State Hospital Telephone Service

The existing telecommunications system at Western State Hospital and Eastern State Hospital are outdated and failing, and replacement parts are no longer manufactured for the existing hardware. Funding is provided to continue replacing the telecommunications system at the state hospitals and fund dedicated project management and IT staff. (General Fund - State)

Behavioral Health Tribal Liaison

A tribal liaison position is funded to support the requirements of chapter 43.376 RCW and DSHS Administrative Policy No 07.01. The tribal liaison position will represent the two state psychiatric hospitals, statewide forensic services and the Special Commitment Center with the 29 recognized tribes in Washington state. (General Fund - State)

DSH Adjustment

Under current law, there is a scheduled reduction in the funding expected through the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) grant program. This reduction was originally scheduled to go into effect several years ago and has been delayed several times. It is assumed that the reduction will continue to be delayed by the federal government, reducing the need for state funds for the operation of Eastern State Hospital. (General Fund - Cash, General Fund - Local CRC Oregon, General Fund - Medicaid Federal, other funds)

Hospital Safety: Recruitment Team

To increase safety at Western State Hospital, funding is provided to open a permanent recruitment and hiring center supported by 15 FTEs. The center will be used to immediately fill vacant funded direct care positions and maintain a rate of hiring commensurate with the rate of attrition on an ongoing basis. (General Fund - State)

Hospital Safety: ACIT Training

This funding is provided to train direct care staff on the day and night shifts at Western State Hospital in Advanced Crisis Intervention Training. Funding is provided to increase ACIT trainers by 5 FTEs for the immediate effort to train all direct care staff and then maintain biennial refreshers on an ongoing basis. (General Fund - State)

Hospital Safety: NEO Training

New employee orientation (NEO) trainings are increased from once monthly to twice monthly. Funding is provided for 10 additional trainers to accommodate the increase in NEO trainings and quicker onboarding of new staff. (General Fund - State)

Hospital Safety: Jail Consultation

Funding is provided for a community-based forensic psychiatry consultation team to offer medication and behavioral health treatment to underserved jails. (General Fund - State)

Hospital Safety: Direct Care Staff

To increase patient and staff safety, direct care staffing at Western State Hospital is increased by 66 FTEs to reach the staffing levels recommended in the Washington state staffing model. (General Fund - State)

Essential IT Service Impacts

One-time funding is provided to maintain current information technology service levels and avoid adverse impacts to clients. (General Fund - Local CRC Oregon, General Fund - Medicaid Federal, General Fund - State, other funds)

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase

For eligible Public Employees' and Teachers' Retirement Systems Plan 1 members, this item provides an increase of 1.5 percent, up to a maximum of $22 per month. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)