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Department of Children, Youth, and Families

  Average Annual FTEs Near General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Current Budget 4,356.6 1,753,924 1,135,339 2,889,263
2019-21 Maintenance Level 4,347.9 1,731,815 1,149,812 2,881,627
Difference from 2017-19 (8.7) (22,109) 14,473 (7,636)
% Change from 2017-19 (0.2%) (1.3%) 1.3% (0.3%)

2019-21 Policy Other Changes

Adolescent Program Unit 1.0 172 74 246
Foster Care Access to Child Care 0.0 1,150 0 1,150
Centralized Early Learning Center 0.0 95 0 95
Waiver Shortfall 0.0 25,000 0 25,000
Yakima Education Advocate 0.0 50 0 50
Extracuricular Activities for Youth 0.0 696 0 696
Automatic Screening for ESIT 1.3 255 0 255
WCCC Caseload Savings Adjustment 0.0 12,783 0 12,783
Foster Care Payment Increase 0.0 5,159 1,870 7,029
Family Connections Program 0.0 499 155 654
Integrated Early Learning Options 1.1 375 0 375
Cross Agency Complex Youth 0.0 5,249 2,347 7,596
Gun Violence Prevention Grants 0.0 800 0 800
YVLifeSet Young Adult Transitions 0.0 530 106 636
Juvenile Rehabilitation to 25 44.8 14,950 0 14,950
Allegation Training Federal Req 0.0 8 0 8
Mentor Washington Expansion 0.0 100 0 100
Mentor Washington Restoration 0.0 100 0 100
Intake Efficiences 0.0 216 65 281
Center Non-Standard Hours Bonus 0.0 202 0 202
Provisional Hires 0.0 4,443 0 4,443
Count School Age for QI Awards 0.30 329 0 329
WCCC Rate Restructure 0.40 378 0 378
Kinship Care Homestudies 2.5 360 140 500
Reach Out & Read 0.0 300 0 300
Standards Alignment Support 0.0 3,079 0 3,079
Shots Fired Program 0.0 425 0 425
ECEAP Special Needs Children 0.0 2,220 0 2,220
Safe & Therapeutic Environments 0.0 120 0 120
IT Infrastructure 0.0 643 0 643
WCCC Homeless 12 Month Elig 0.0 1,388 0 1,388
WCCC Teen Parent Elig 0.0 757 0 757
Wendy's Wonderful Kids 0.0 400 0 400
2019-21 Policy Other Changes Total 51.4 83,231 4,757 87,988

2019-21 Policy Comp Changes

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase 0.0 107 0 107
2019-21 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 107 0 107

2019-21 Policy Transfers Changes

ESIT Program Transfer 0.0 86,292 0 86,292
2019-21 Policy Transfers Changes Total 0.0 86,292 0 86,292

2019-21 Policy Central Services Changes

Archives/Records Management 0.0 1 0 1
Audit Services 0.0 62 33 95
Attorney General 0.0 3,377 1,819 5,196
Administrative Hearings 0.0 1 0 1
DES Central Services 0.0 44 24 68
OFM Central Services 0.0 138 74 212
2019-21 Policy Central Services Changes Total 0.0 3,623 1,950 5,573
Total Policy Changes 51.4 173,253 6,707 179,960
2019-21 Policy Level 4,399.3 1,905,068 1,156,519 3,061,587
Difference from 2017-19 42.7 151,144 21,180 172,324
% Change from 2017-19 0.98% 8.6% 1.9% 6.0%

Policy Changes

Audit Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of state government audits from the State Auditor’s Office. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Attorney General

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency's anticipated share of legal service charges from the Attorney General’s Office. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Administrative Hearings

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency's anticipated share of administrative hearings charges from the Office of Administrative Hearings. (General Fund - State)

DES Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges from the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) for campus rent, utilities, parking, and contracts; capital project surcharges; financing cost recovery; public and historic facilities; real estate services; risk management services; personnel service rates; the Perry Street child care center; small agency services; and the department’s enterprise applications. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

OFM Central Services

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of charges from the Office of Financial Management (OFM) for statewide financial applications, One Washington, and other OFM central services. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Adolescent Program Unit

Funds are provided to create a new adolescent unit within the Department of Children, Youth and Families to focus on cross-system challenges impacting youth, including homelessness and supportive placements for LGBTQ youth. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State, Pension Funding Stabilization Acct - State, other funds)

Foster Care Access to Child Care

This funding increases access to child care for 319 infants and toddlers in foster care by providing an additional $300 per month per child in areas with high poverty rates, high out-of-home placement rates and low high-quality subsidized child care opportunities for infants and toddlers. (General Fund - State)

Centralized Early Learning Center

Funds are provided to support the Walla Walla Public Schools Board of Directors' effort to re-purpose an elementary school into a community early learning hub. The hub is one centralized access point for all services supporting families with children from birth through age three. One-time funding is provided to help coordinate between community partners delivering early learning educational services, child care, parent services, home visiting and public assistance programs. (General Fund - State)

Waiver Shortfall

This funding closes the five-year federal Title-IVE waiver which matched state funding for administration and services which maintained in-home placements and reduced entry into foster care. Many administrative and programmatic cost increases throughout the waiver, such as cost-of-living adjustments for social service specialists, were disallowed for Title IVE reimbursement. (General Fund - State)

Yakima Education Advocate

Funding is provided to pilot an educational advocate for the City of Yakima. Combined with existing federal funding, the pilot will provide intervention services to youth identified as at-risk to engage in firearm violence. (General Fund - State)

Extracuricular Activities for Youth

Funding is provided for 1,425 youth in an out-of-home placement to participate in extracurricular actives such as art, sports, summer camp and clubs to ensure these youth have the same opportunities for recreational experiences as their peers. (General Fund - State)

Automatic Screening for ESIT

Funds are provided to screen foster children from birth through three years of age, for physical, developmental, and behavioral abilities and makes referrals for early intervention services when needed. (General Fund - State)

WCCC Caseload Savings Adjustment

This item adjusts the funding of the time and attendance savings step within the Working Connections Child Care November 2019 forecast costs using updated payment audit information for WCCC. (General Fund - State)

Foster Care Payment Increase

These funds increase the basic foster care maintenance rates by approximately $100 per child per month. The new rates are based on the estimated costs of providing a child with food, clothing, personal incidentals, and shelter. (General Fund - Family Support/Child Welfare, General Fund - soc Svc Fed Blk Grants, General Fund - State, other funds)

Family Connections Program

Funding is provided for the department to contract with a nonprofit entity or entities to pilot the Family Connections program. The Family Connections Program will develop skilled foster parents and parent allies into mentors who will provide child-focused networks of support for families with approximately 105 children in out-of-home placements. Stronger parent/caregiver relationships not only reduce trauma; they improve reunification rates, reduce re-entry into the child welfare system, and retain quality foster parents. (General Fund - Family Support/Child Welfare, General Fund - State)

Integrated Early Learning Options

Funds are provided to support the department's work to collaborate with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to complete a report with options and recommendations for administrative efficiencies and long-term strategies which align and integrate high-quality early learning programs administered by both agencies. The report is due September 1, 2020. (General Fund - State)

Cross Agency Complex Youth

Funds are provided to reduce the length of stay for youth in hospital inpatient and emergency room settings, hotels and out-of-state placements. Twelve new short-term emergent placement beds and 21 new long-term placement beds are funded to meet the acute needs of youth with significant mental, behavioral or developmental health needs. These placements will provide enhanced therapeutic services, increased staff-to-child ratios or individually-tailored services that support placement stabilization. (General Fund - Family Support/Child Welfare, General Fund - State, Home Security Fund Account - State)

Gun Violence Prevention Grants

Funding is provided for the Office of Juvenile Justice to establish a grant program for evidence-based services to youth who are at high risk to perpetrate gun violence, and who reside in areas with high rates of gun violence. The grant program will give priority to: one site serving south King County; one site in Yakima County; and sites that partner with the University of Washington to deliver Family Integrated Transition services through use of "credible messenger" advocates. (General Fund - State)

YVLifeSet Young Adult Transitions

This item funds intensive case management services using the YVLifeSet clinical consultation model. Combined with anticipated private contributions, funding is sufficient to contract with a community organization with expertise in the YVLifeSet case management model to serve 122 youth. Young people within foster care, juvenile justice and mental health systems face significant challenges in successfully transitioning to adulthood. This model shows significant improvements in housing and economic stability, improvements in health and safety outcomes, and reductions in recidivism rates. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State, Home Security Fund Account - State)

Juvenile Rehabilitation to 25

A recent legal interpretation related to Chapter 322, Laws of 2019 (ESHB 1646) found that individuals who committed crimes prior to 18, but who were convicted after the age of 18 years of age, are eligible to stay at a juvenile rehabilitation facility until the age of 25. This will result in a population increase three times higher than originally anticipated. To ensure these adolescents are safe and receiving developmentally appropriate rehabilitation services, funding is provided for additional staffing, transportation, legal advocacy services and programming. Programming services include post-secondary education, pre-apprenticeship training, trades exploration and independent living skills. (General Fund - State)

Allegation Training Federal Req

This funding provides updates of training material to reflect changes in the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act related to legal immunity for good faith reporting of alleged child abuse and neglect. (General Fund - State)

Mentor Washington Expansion

This item reinstates funding for public-private partnerships providing technical assistance and training to mentoring programs that serve at-risk youth. (General Fund - State)

Mentor Washington Restoration

Ten junior high schools are needed to public-private partnerships providing technical assistance and training to mentoring programs that serve at-risk youth. (General Fund - State)

Intake Efficiences

Funds are provided to develop an online system for mandatory reporters to communicate allegations of child abuse and neglect and for foster parents to report a youth leaving foster placement. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Center Non-Standard Hours Bonus

This item adds $30 per month per child to the non-standard hours bonus. The non-standard hours are weekends, holidays and the hours between 6:00 pm – 6:00 a.m. The current monthly bonus payment is $75, and the new monthly bonus payment is $105. (General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Provisional Hires

Due to new background check rules under the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), the department was unable to collect IV-E federal matching funds for some children in group care. Fiscal year 2021 funding is provided to recoup state funds spent on a forecasted category (IV-E) that the department assumed would be funded by federal dollars. (General Fund - State)

Count School Age for QI Awards

This funding provides information technology support to allow child care centers to count school-age children toward the 5 percent total subsidy threshold for quality assurance awards. Currently, center child care providers are eligible for quality assurance awards when 5 percent of non-school aged children are receiving a state subsidy. (General Fund - State)

WCCC Rate Restructure

Funds are provided for the department to simplify payment rules to help child care providers bill the state accurately. One-time funding is provided to develop a rate restructure and training material for staff and providers. (General Fund - State)

Kinship Care Homestudies

Funding is provided to reduce a backlog of 1,600 home studies and help relatives become licensed foster parents. Children in out-of-home placements often live with a relative caregiver. Many of these kinship caregivers want to become licensed foster parents and need support to navigate the application process, complete the home study, and comply with rules and regulations for licensing. (General Fund - Family Support/Child Welfare, General Fund - Federal, General Fund - State)

Reach Out & Read

This funding maintains the Reach Out and Read contract, which supports pediatricians promoting literacy readiness at each well-child doctor visit from birth through age five. Pediatricians counsel parents about the importance of reading aloud with young children, model age appropriate ways to engage and encourage young children to read, and provide free books to low-income families. (General Fund - State)

Standards Alignment Support

Licensed family home child care providers must meet newly developed state rules which align quality rating standards with licensing requirements. Funds are provided to support scholarships for early learning certifications, assistance with education competency assessments, support for ADA compliance, and concrete goods to meet health and safety environmental standards. (General Fund - State)

Shots Fired Program

Funding is provided for community-based violence prevention and intervention services to approximately 150 individuals in south King County, identified through the King County "Shots Fired" social media network analysis as being at high risk of becoming a future victim or suspect in a firearm-related offense. (General Fund - State)

ECEAP Special Needs Children

This funding provides targeted support services and more teachers to help children with different abilities to thrive in preschool. (General Fund - State)

Safe & Therapeutic Environments

The average age and acuity level of adolescents housed in juvenile rehabilitation facilities has significantly increased in recent years. To increase safety and reduce high rates of contraband introduced into the facilities, funding is provided for critical incident response training, violence prevention and intervention training, and contracted services for a drug detection dog. (General Fund - State)

IT Infrastructure

This item invests in hardware to merge currently bifurcated administrative systems supporting child welfare, early learning and juvenile justice into one network managed by the department. This will allow more efficient and effective communications among department staff. (General Fund - State)

WCCC Homeless 12 Month Elig

Subsidized child care is expanded to homeless families from four months to 12 months. This additional funding provides homeless children with continuity of care by high-quality caregivers while their parents meet housing and other goals that support stability and self-sufficiency. (General Fund - State, Home Security Fund Account - State)

WCCC Teen Parent Elig

This funding will eliminate the Working Connections Child Care co-pay and simplify rules for teen parents to make it easier for them to get subsidized child care and provide their children with 12 months of high-quality child care. (General Fund - State)

Wendy's Wonderful Kids

Funding is maintained for the program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that provides adoption professionals to find permanent adoptive homes for high needs children in foster care. (General Fund - State, Home Security Fund Account - State)

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase

For eligible Public Employees' and Teachers' Retirement Systems Plan 1 members, this item provides an increase of 1.5 percent, up to a maximum of $22 per month. (General Fund - State)

ESIT Program Transfer

Transfers payments to providers for the early support for infants and toddlers program from the office of the superintendent for public instruction to the department of children, youth and families. (General Fund - State)

Archives/Records Management

Adjustments are made to reflect each agency’s anticipated share of state archiving and state records center costs from the Secretary of State’s Office. (General Fund - State)