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Superintendent of Public Instruction - Educational Service Districts

  Average Annual FTEs Near General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Current Budget 0.0 25,817 0 25,817
2019-21 Maintenance Level 0.0 25,597 0 25,597
Difference from 2017-19 0.0 (220) 0 (220)
% Change from 2017-19 0.0% (0.9%) 0.0% (0.9%)

2019-21 Policy Other Changes

Allocated FTEs for ESDs 0.0 4,297 0 4,297
Student Mental Health & Safety 0.0 1,884 0 1,884
School Nurse Corps 0.0 1,586 0 1,586
2019-21 Policy Other Changes Total 0.0 7,767 0 7,767

2019-21 Policy Comp Changes

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase 0.0 6 0 6
2019-21 Policy Comp Changes Total 0.0 6 0 6
Total Policy Changes 0.0 7,773 0 7,773
2019-21 Policy Level 0.0 33,370 0 33,370
Difference from 2017-19 0.0 7,553 0 7,553
% Change from 2017-19 0.0% 29.3% 0.0% 29.3%

Policy Changes

Allocated FTEs for ESDs

Existing levels of Educational Service District (ESD) funding for the K-20 telecommunications network, the School Nurse Corps and the student safety and well-being network are moved into the ESD program. This funding has historically been passed through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the ESDs and will now be allocated to the ESDs directly. With this shift, funding is provided as FTE allocations at the ESDs so it can grow appropriately with future compensation adjustments. Increases in this program are offset by decreases in the OSPI agency program and Grants and Pass-through Funding program. (General Fund - State)

Student Mental Health & Safety

Funding provides increased investments in the statewide student mental health and safety network established in Chapter 333, Laws of 2019 (2SHB 1216). This increase provides one additional FTE for regional coordination of behavioral health, school safety and threat assessment efforts, as well as .5 FTE administrative support at each of the nine educational service districts. The 2019 Legislature funded one FTE for regional coordination at each ESD; this investment brings the total to 2.5 FTE per region. (General Fund - State)

School Nurse Corps

Funding is provided to increase the capacity for the School Nurse Corps to meet the registered nursing needs of small and rural schools. This program was established in 1999, and since that time, funding has not increased and buying power has eroded. This new investment funds sufficient nurses to provide one day of services every two weeks to each Class II school district, as well as support staff at each educational service district. The funding is provided as FTE staff in the ESD program, which will allow for the program funding to grow with future compensation adjustments. (General Fund - State)

PERS & TRS Plan 1 Benefit Increase

For eligible Public Employees' and Teachers' Retirement Systems Plan 1 members, this item provides an increase of 1.5 percent, up to a maximum of $22 per month. (General Fund - State, WA Opportunity Pathways Account - State)