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Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS): Selecting Transaction Codes

This course focuses on how to select the correct Transaction Code in the Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS). You will learn seven basic steps for choosing a Transaction Code and identifying associated fields. You will then apply this knowledge to six scenarios related to Revenues, Encumbrances, Payables, and Warrant Cancellations. Numerous course-related job aids, links, and practice scenarios are included for reference and extra practice.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that learners have a basic knowledge of AFRS, or complete the OFM Introduction to AFRS and Financial Toolbox eLearning course.

Intended Audience: AFRS users who need to learn more about transaction codes and select them within the system.

Equipment: The course contains narration, so you'll need either speakers or headphones.

Duration: Approximately 25 minutes.

Note: If you don't complete the entire course in one session, you may resume where you left off at another time. However, if you switch browsers or computers, you will not be given the option to resume. You will have to start over.

How to Take the eLearning Course

If your agency uses the Washington State Learning Center:

If you are a Higher Education employee, or if your agency does not use the Washington State Learning Center, use this link instead. Note that this version will not be recorded in your learner transcript.

AFRS Transaction Codes – Job Aids:

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