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Financial Toolbox

Using this web-based application, users can prepare a batch of transactions on an Excel spreadsheet and, with a click of the mouse, send them directly to the state accounting system called the Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS). The Financial Toolbox can be used for recurring payments, cost distributions and many other types of transactions. Users can also gain immediate notification of AFRS transactions. This product is offered free of charge to agencies.

Frequently asked questions

Your agency must first complete and submit the Agency Security Administrator Form (see – last page of Financial Toolbox User Manual) so that the Office of Financial Management (OFM) can set up Financial Toolbox Agency Administrator(s) at your agency. The Agency Administrators will then set up the agency users.

You must have a mainframe logon identification (ID) to enter batches in the Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS). That same ID has to be entered into Financial Toolbox security by your agency administrator. Add your logon ID, the agency number as 4 digits (ex: 3000 for DSHS), and copy and paste your password into that field. Be very careful not to include extra spaces before or after your password.

On the logon screen use the Forgot Password link. Enter your User ID and agency number. Click the submit button. Your temporary password will be sent to your email address on your Toolbox security record.

Select one of three reports listing these transactions:

CAS535FT – Cost Allocation Journal Voucher
DWP91004 – Toolbox Transaction Listing
DWP91005 – Toolbox Payment Transaction Listing

It is as follows:

  1. Open a new or existing Excel worksheet containing the template for financial transactions.
  2. Enter or update transactions using Excel on your desktop.
  3. Save the template as a tab delimited file.
  4. Go to the Toolbox and click File Upload-Batch Interface to AFRS to fill in batch header information.
  5. Upload batch (via Submit button) and check for errors. If edits are passed, batch is sent to AFRS.
  6. Go to AFRS IN.3 to review/release batch.

Check your junk mail folder to see if the report went to your SPAM or junk folder. If you find it there, be sure to let your technology office know so they can add Financial Toolbox mail to your approved email sender list, which ensures future emails go to your inbox.

Login to AFRS and either look at the BI screen (batches are interfaced like those from internal systems) or to the IN.3 screen (batches show there for release by your supervisor).

Reference materials

Note: Classes for Financial Toolbox are combined with the Intro to AFRS Toolbox. Class title: DES - AFRS: Introduction to AFRS and Financial Toolbox

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