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Business Intelligence Services (BI)

Business Intelligence tools provide self-service reports so state agency customers have flexibility and control over their data to “slice and dice” financial and human resource data for targeted analysis. Capabilities include drilling down to more detail, merging data from different data sources, creating formulas, sorting, filtering, and displaying data in charts. Results may be viewed in your web browser or exported to other formats such as PDF or MS Excel.

Self-Service Tools:

SAP Web Intelligence (WebI)

WebI provides access to the following Universes data:

  • Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS) Financial Data
  • AFRS Daily Payments
  • AFRS Titles
  • Enterprise Contract Management System (ECMS)
  • Statewide Vendor

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI provides the following data connectors:

  • Excel
  • SQL Server
  • CSV
  • OData Feed
  • And more...
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