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Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit Technology Grant Program

Commerce, Department of
Title of action
Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit Technology Grant Program
Date significant agency action was initiated
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
New grant or loan program
Brief description of significant agency actions for which the agency is initiating an environmental justice assessment.
New program to provide law enforcement with grants for modern vehicle pursuit management technology (for example: GPS tracking equipment, automated license plate readers, aircraft, and non-armed and non-armored drones, etc.). Grants are for local law enforcement agencies (including tribal law enforcement agencies). Proposals must include a request for specific technology and a specific plan for implementation, use, and effectiveness reporting of that technology. Local law enforcement agencies seeking grants must: 1) Establish data-sharing and management policies; and (2) Establish policies ensuring all operating personnel are trained to use the requested technology and comply with the data-sharing and management policies mentioned in item 1 above. This program is expected to reduce the danger of pursuits in communities by giving law enforcement more efficient and modern tools. More technology being implemented may track additional data that may not have been historically tracked. Following a competitive process (RFP S24-34444-001) 18 contractors were selected for SFY '24. These are listed below: Omak Police Department Monroe Police Department Benton County Sheriff's Office Marysville Police Department Kirkland Police Department Woodland Police Department Everett Police Department Reardan Police Department Lake Forest Park Police Department Puyallup Police Department Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office Port Angeles Police Department in partnership with Lower Elwha Tribal Police Richland Police Department Washougal Police Department Olympia Police Department Yakima Police Department West Richland Police Department Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Methods for providing public comment for agency consideration as part of the environmental justice assessment.
In process: setting up a webpage, email engagement, and working with community engagement team internally.