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HR technical disciplines

These documents provide the framework of knowledge skills and abilities for HR professionals in the disciplines listed below.  These tools were designed by Washington State subject matter experts to be used as a guide to assess skills of our HR professionals and provide a path for acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities from the entry to senior level of the HR profession.

Hyperlinks for each discipline will take you to more detailed information on that discipline. Discipline denoted with an asterisk (*) have job aids that are still under development. Some elements of the job aid are in place but work continues on the final document.

Washington State HR Disciplines
(in Alphabetical Order)


Current Status



Classification and Compensation*


Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)*


Employee Development*


Employee Relations*


Labor Relations

Labor Relations includes establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with an organization’s labor partners, proper administration of collective bargaining agreements, and fulfilling good faith bargaining obligations as outlined by RCW.

Finalized document posted and available for use. 

Performance and Organizational Management*


Public Sector HR Basics*

  Currently under development.

Recruitment and Selection*

  Currently under development with a draft being circulated for feedback.

Technology and Data*

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Friday, January 24, 2020
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