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Director's Reviews

State HR - Reviews & Appeals

Contact information

360-586-4694 (fax)
Jefferson Building
1500 Jefferson Street SE
PO Box 40911, Olympia, WA 98504-0911

File your request online 

Click on Request for Director's Review in the blue box at right. File your request online and receive your case number and process instructions immediately. Just make sure your email address is typed in the form correctly. Have the allocation letter from your employer in pdf format available to upload into the form. Upload just the letter only, other documents can be submitted later. It's easy and fast!

To withdraw your Director's review request, see blue box at right.

NOTE: Salary is not an allocating criterion and cannot be considered for a Director’s Review.

More information about Director's reviews

WAC-357-49-010 details the actions for which individuals may request a Director’s review. The Director’s review is the first step in the appeal process. Director’s review decisions may be appealed to the Personnel Resources Board in accordance with Chapter 357-52 WAC.


Last updated
Thursday, June 1, 2023
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