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Process for a director's review of an allocation

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Contact information

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Steps for submitting and exchanging information:

1. Employee Requests a director's review and attaches a copy of the employer's allocation determination. 
2. director's review Office Reviews the request for timeliness and asks parties for clarification, if needed. Sends acknowledgement letter to both parties, setting specific dates for exchanging exhibits.
3. Employer's HR Office Sends copies of the documents considered during the employer's allocation review to the director's review Office and the employee. The documents are referred to as exhibits, and are usually sent via email.
4. Employee Reviews the exhibits. May then submit additional exhibits, also via email, to the director's review Office, and to the employer's human resources office. To avoid duplications, do not send in copies of exhibits already submitted by the other party.
5. director's review Office Creates an exhibit list identifying all documents in the director's review file. The director's review Coordinator will provide the list to both parties at the time of scheduling.
6. director's review Office The director's designee or investigator conducts the review through written documentation; telephone conference; or in-person conference. director's determination issued; either party may appeal to the Personnel Resources Board (PRB).

About the exchange of exhibits

After exhibits are exchanged for the director's review, both parties will have copies of all exhibits submitted to the director's review Office.

The director or designee may limit the number, scope and timing of exhibits.

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