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Choice Performance Confirmation program


Congratulations to the Attorney General's Office for attaining platinum-level status, the highest level of employee and organizational performance. Reaching platinum level means they have met all seven of the components of the Choice Performance Confirmation program.

What is the Choice Performance Confirmation (CPC) program?

Choice Performance Confirmation is a performance management program, designed to:

  • Assist state agencies in engaging and developing their employees
  • Ensure agencies are aligned with standards and best practices before they are able to institute performance as a factor in leave
  • Recognize agencies for the commitment they’re making to becoming an employer of choice

Who is the program for?

The program is for represented or nonrepresented staff of state agencies.

How is this different than Performance Management Confirmation (PMC)?

The PMC program was our previous confirmation process that allowed state agencies to offer performance-based incentives to their employees. In 2011, it was suspended by the Legislature due to scarcity of funds, and in 2016 was replaced by the CPC program, which realigns better with industry best practices.

Why are we doing this?

New best practices and research suggest that traditional performance management methodologies are losing effectiveness in the ever-changing business climate. To ensure the state of Washington is moving toward being an choice employer, we have adopted a more innovative performance management program.

The purpose of confirmation is for employers to be able to verify that they’re prepared to make performance-based decisions in a transparent manner that ensures the public’s trust. Ultimately, our goal is to build a performance-based culture in state government where organizational goals and performance measures cascade throughout the agency to teams and to each employee’s individual performance goals and targets.

How do I get started?

  1. Start by reading the CPC program overview [PDF].

  2. Contact us at to discuss the best next steps for your agency.

  3. Use the following guides as your agency works through the process:

    1. Application Guide – Final Application Submittal Guide [PDF]

    2. Preliminary Readiness Assessment [PDF]

    3. Employee Performance Management Program Survey [PDF]

What’s involved in the application process?

  1. Pre-application (includes appointing a project manager, convening a workgroup, completing the preliminary readiness assessment tool, and the preliminary application packet)

  2. Program development (includes developing model PDPs and working on the seven CPC program components)

  3. Final application (includes submitting the final application to OFM, briefing, deliberations and a decision by OFM)

  4. Implementation (includes training to supervisors on your performance incentive program, monitoring, annual reporting to OFM, and improving program components)

For more detail on these steps, see the program overview [PDF].

What components would I need to implement in my agency?

Our program incorporates a WAC requirement component, the six best practice components of an innovative performance management process.

Diagram of seven best -practice components of the PMC. Click link for accessible version.

See a detailed PDF version of this diagram.

What are the stages of the program?

We developed a pyramid-type model that allows each agency to visually gauge how it is progressing toward becoming a choice employer.  It’s understood though that performance management is a journey, and agencies will be at different points along that journey. We've built in the flexibility that agencies require to continually push their organization to improve. This pyramid-type model should be used to motivate and drive each agency to the ultimate platinum-level goal to ensure the highest level of employee and organizational performance.

[See an accessible version of this diagram at: /sites/default/files/documents/WorkforceData/CPC/PMC_Pyramid.pdf]

See a PDF version of this diagram.

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