HR Management Report

The annual statewide HR Management Report assesses workforce data and trends for executive branch agencies with 100 or more employees. Agencies submit reports by October of each year using an online survey. The survey asks agencies about workforce successes, challenges, and strategies. It also assesses progress toward workforce-related initiatives, directives, and executive orders.

 HR Management Report products:

  1. The Workforce Performance Measures Data, produced in mid-August of each year, contains performance measures such as turnover, appointments, and diversity by individual agencies (with 100 or more employees). It also includes statewide roll-up numbers for comparison. The data is udpated annually.
  2. The HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report is a formal report that contains summary information on key workforce strategies. It uses a combination of agency HR management reports and workforce performance measure data to analyze enterprise workforce measures and summarize agency and enterprise strategies. It is published by April of each year.
  3. The  Workforce Performance Measures Dashboard enable agencies to view their agency workforce performance measures graphically by comparing their agency data to the Executive Branch or another agency. The data is updated annually.
  4. The HR Management Leader Briefing Report is an interactive dashboard that focuses on enterprise-level workforce performance measures, trends, comparisons, and analysis. The data is updated monthly.
  5. The Modern Work Environment Dashboard shows Telework, Flextime, and Compressed Workweek eligibility and participation rates for employees by fiscal year, county, job group, job title, and by agency. The data is updated monthly.

Historical HR Management Reports and Presentations:

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