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Performance-based incentives and recognition

  • 5,470 employees received performance-based incentives and recognition awards in FY 2023. 
  • Cash or cash-equivalent recognition awards (such as gift cards) are authorized under RCW 41.60.150 and may not exceed $200 in value per award. Cash or cash-equivalent recognition awards are not included in retirement calculations as reportable compensation (RCW 41.60.140) but are taxable under IRS regulations and must be recorded in the payroll system. Examples of awards:
    • Outstanding performance / achievement of predefined work goals
    • Safety performance
    • Longevity (years of service) awards
    • Outstanding public service

Performance-based incentives and recognition awards trends for the past 5 years 

Executive branch only (excluding higher education institutions)
Does not include legislative and judicial branch agencies.

Last Updated: 08/03/2023
Time Period: 07/01/2018 – 06/30/2023
Update frequency: annually (end of fiscal year)

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