Outplacement assistance

Outplacement assistance is a staffing reduction strategy that involves helping impacted employees find and compete for other jobs. Ideally, assistance occurs before a layoff, but may also continue after separation.

Employers should seriously consider helping employees find other employment. It helps reduce unemployment insurance costs and, more importantly, it sends a message. Those who are directly impacted by staffing reductions are more likely to be 'ambassadors' to future job seekers, and remaining staff are more likely to stay engaged.

Common outplacement strategies include:

  • General Government Transition Pool (GGTP). Help employees get into the GGTP, a job matching service that refers laid off state employees and those at risk of layoff with potential job openings in state government.
  • Internal Coaches. Use recruiting staff to coach employees on how to find and apply for jobs.
  • Washington State Jobs. Help employees develop an on-line profile for other state jobs through careers.wa.gov.
  • Job Seeker Support. Refer employees to Department of Enterprise Service's HR Service Center.
  • Job Board Links. Provide links to local job boards and career sites for other local employers.
  • WorkSource. Refer employees to the local WorkSource Center for job seeker coaching and assistance. 
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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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