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Step 3: Identify Workforce Objectives

Objectives describe the measurable or observable results an organization expects to achieve related to a goal. They should also tell the organization how well its strategies and action plans are working.

For example, if the goal is to Prepare the workforce for implementation of a centralized claims management model, the objectives may include:

  • Maintain a 97% staffing level during the transition.
  • Design and implement a new training program for claims managers by June 30.
  • Decrease the average claims processing time to 21 days by December 31.

Employers should test each objective against the following SMART criteria:

  • Specific – Does it address a clear and precise element of success?
  • Measurable or observable – Is it either quantifiable or clearly observable?
  • Action-oriented – Does it address the results of a specific action?
  • Realistic – Can the organization realistically influence the desired result?
  • Time-oriented – Is there a time limit within which the objective must be achieved?

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