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Gov.Inslee signs 2020 supplemental budgets with partial vetoes

Facing a growing fiscal threat posed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, Gov. Jay Inslee used his line-item veto authority today to trim $235 million from the 2020 supplemental operating budget the Legislature approved last month. The vetoes will reduce spending another $210 million in the state’s next two-year budget.

Highlights of Gov Inslee's proposed 2020 budget

Read about the decisions behind Gov. Inslee's budget proposal, highlighting major areas of change.

Appropriations bills - 2020 supplemental budgets

The appropriations bills proposed by Governor Inslee for the 2020 supplemental and any documents referenced in the supplemental appropriations bills are included on this page.

Gov. Inslee's proposed 2020 supplemental budget

Last spring, Gov. Jay Inslee and the Legislature approved two-year state budgets that fund major reforms and expansions in behavioral health, education, affordable housing, orca recovery and climate action. Gov. Inslee is now proposing modest adjustments to those spending plans while calling for new investments in several strategic initiatives, including bold actions to address the state’s homelessness crisis, add early learning opportunities and strengthen the state’s efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Agency 2020 supplemental budget requests now available online

You can now view operating budget requests that state agencies and higher education institutions have submitted to us for consideration in Gov. Inslee's 2020 supplemental budget proposal:

Agency Budget Requests

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