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State employee vaccination verification data - Jan. 12

We have been gathering data from state agencies affected by the governor’s vaccination mandate to show how many employees have completed COVID-19 vaccination verification, how many have requested and received exemptions and accommodations, and how many have been separated due to no longer meeting the conditions of employment.

Contractor vaccination requirements - guidance for agencies

Proclamation 21-14.1 requires contractors who have goods, services, or public works services contracts with a Washington state agency to ensure that their personnel (including subcontractors) who perform contract activities on-site comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirements, by requiring such personnel to be fully vaccinated, unless properly exempted for disability or sincerely held religious beliefs, as set forth

Washington Resilience Group

Formed in October of 2020, the Washington Resilience Group (originally called the Washington Recovery Group) plays a key role in setting priorities that strengthen the resiliency of our state and all Washingtonians as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.