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State employee vaccination verification data - Jan. 12, 2022

January 12, 2022

We have been gathering data from state agencies affected by the governor’s vaccination mandate to show how many employees have completed COVID-19 vaccination verification, how many have requested and received exemptions and accommodations, and how many have been separated due to no longer meeting the conditions of employment.

The report linked below shows the most current data available (it was published Jan. 12, showing a snapshot of state agency data as of Dec. 31):

More than 99% of current state employees are in compliance with the governor’s vaccination mandate.

Note: The data in the spreadsheet uses a “current headcount” figure of 60,025 for the state agencies affected by the governor’s mandate. That is the total headcount as of Dec. 31, 2021 and does not include the employees who were separated due to the mandate. This approach has allowed for a true vaccination rate of current employees to assist in mandate implementation.

Including those separated employees, the total headcount would be 62,160. Based on that total headcount:

  • About 92.6% (57,561) of employees verified they are vaccinated.
  • About 3% (1,899) of employees have received an accommodation. 
  • Based on available data, about 3.4% (2,135) of employees left their jobs or were terminated due to the mandate.
  • The remaining 0.9% employees (565) are pending action, which includes being in the process of being vaccinated, pending retirement, pending accommodation or separation.   

This report is based on the latest available data.

We do not have access to vaccine verification data from health care providers, higher education, K-12 schools or any other employers.